Legend of Zelda Heart Container Inspired Necklace

When we love something, we want to keep it close to us. Sometimes we even want to put it on us, both for the physical comfort of having it near and as an easy way to communicate our passions to the people we meet. Emily wanted to craft a wearable piece based on the life-granting Heart Container, one of the most recognizable staples of the Legend of Zelda series - and who better to ask to create an amazing custom necklace than Takayas Custom Jewelry?


In crafting Emily's 14K white gold necklace, Takayas drew particular inspiration from the Heart Container as it appears in Skyward Sword. Framed within a delicate border, her heart-shaped pendant is also wrapped in romantic swirls of filigree to give the design texture. Even as it flaunts finely articulated contours, Takayas' exacting craftsmanship ensures that the pendant is luxuriously refined and smooth to the touch!

To lend Emily's piece a distinctive and personal flair, Takayas decided to take a more literal approach to the concept of a Heart Container. A gorgeous heart-cut red garnet shines in the center of the pendant’s front side, hugged close with filigree - a heart contained within a heart.

Emily was delighted when her special necklace finally made its way safely home. "It is absolutely beautiful!" she exclaimed. We're inclined to agree!

Thank you, Emily, for inviting us to craft an incredible piece of custom jewelry that reflects the heart of such a beloved video game series. As you keep your wonderful necklace close to you throughout your travels, we hope the joy it brings fills you with life!

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