Kingdom Hearts Wayfinder Trio Inspired Engagement Ring

For a Kingdom Hearts-loving couple, few symbols could speak to their connection to one another more than the iconic Wayfinder. Our friend came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create a stand-out custom engagement ring that reflected their deep bond, inspired by the trio of Wayfinders shared by Aqua and her beloved friends!


Aqua herself serves as the focal point for this amazing engagement ring. Her personal Wayfinder forms the beautiful centerpiece, with a bright blue topaz center stone held in a delicately sculpted star-like setting. Ventus and Terra's own Wayfinders hug the ring's graceful shoulders, embellished with sparkling peridot and citrine accent stones that reflect their signature colors.


The detailing of the Terra's Mark seen in the center of the trio's Wayfinders embellishes each side of the gleaming white gold band. A sleek and refined silhouette gives our friend's unique design a timeless appeal everyone will love!

“I absolutely love the ring!” our friend exclaimed when his spectacular jewelry found its way home. “I would definitely keep Takayas in mind for any future custom jewelry.”


Thank you, our friend, for inviting us to craft a meaningful ring inspired by one of the most popular symbols in the Kingdom Hearts series. As you and your partner journey through the world together, we're celebrating your unbreakable connection!

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