Journey Inspired Engagement Ring

To propose to his beloved girlfriend Laura, Matthew wanted an engagement ring that was as meaningful as it was beautiful. For a pair of avid gamers, no video game could fit the concept better than the touching story of Journey! Takayas Custom Jewelry crafted an amazing custom ring that reflects the beauty of the experiences Matthew and Laura have shared as their relationship has grown.


As the central figure of Journey, the Traveler is brought to life through a stunningly unique engagement ring design. Intricately carved geometric patterns inspired by the Traveler's magic robes wrap around the sleek white gold band! Climbing up along the shank to reach the dazzling white center stone on top, rows of embroidery reflect the new patterns that are added to the robes each time the Traveler completes their journey.


Matthew was beyond thrilled when he saw his one-of-a-kind design! To create his proposal, his spectacular Journey themed engagement ring would become part of an equally extraordinary event. Aided by devoted friends, he surprised Laura with her incredible ring at a gaming convention - and of course she said yes!

"We're both over the moon with the ring!" Matthew cheerfully shared with us after the convention. "The Takayas team has made it so easy to get a stunning piece of jewelry from concept to on my lovely lady's finger, and we couldn't be happier with it."


Thank you, Matthew, for inviting us to create an amazing engagement ring that's both striking and profound. As you and Laura travel through life together, we hope your days will always be full of wonder!

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