Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Inspired Engagement Ring

This week we continue the love story of KJ and BZ by featuring KJ’s elegant ring. As a fan of JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure throughout medical school, KJ wanted her ring to incorporate her favorite characters who offered a respite during her intense studies. Takayas crafted KJ’s ring with motifs representative of her favorite characters immortalized into the shimmering white gold band. Jolyne Kujo's Butterfly and Dagger grace the ring's shoulders. Just below the Butterflies are Giorno Giovanna's Ladybugs which are connected by a brilliant trail of diamonds. At the apex of the elegant design sits a magnificent glistening pear-cut aquamarine center stone. Just like in her partner BZ’s ring, Takayas engraved a special design into the ring’s under-gallery. Gyro’s Steel Ball is featured inside the band as a symbol of KJ’s altruistic character as a physician willing to help anyone in need of assistance.

It was such a joy for Takayas to create wedding rings for such a lovely and compassionate couple. May the true love and understanding these physicians share today grow deeper every day of their happy life together! 


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