JoJo's Bizarre Adventure & Final Fantasy Inspired Engagement Ring


As a symbol of his love for his amazing partner Maily, our friend V sought to create an engagement ring that was equally as special. "My plan for this ring is to incorporate all of her favorite video game and anime references," he remarked to us at the beginning of his special project - and who better to take up the task than Takayas Custom Jewelry? Seamlessly merging the bold flair of JoJo's Bizarre Adventure with the delicate artistry of Final Fantasy, V's incredible custom engagement ring makes a heartfelt statement Maily was sure to adore!

Knowing that Maily hoped for a setting that would hold her precious diamond centerpiece as safe and secure as possible, Takayas put a creative, JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure-style twist on her preferred type of mounting. An expertly crafted bezel setting reflects the upright collar of Jotaro Kujo's iconic school jacket, decorated with rose gold buttons and a striking chain! Rose gold shoulders sculpted into the angular visage of Jotaro's powerful Stand, Star Platinum, support either side, complete with metallic headbands glittering with diamond accent stones.


Melding in another unique theme Maily holds close to her heart, the signature Mage Masher daggers wielded by Zidane Tribal of Final Fantasy IX form the white gold band of V's lovely engagement ring. Intricately engraved patterns trail along each side to echo the striking design emblazoned on the blades, reaching down to meet an elegant European-style shank that reflects their sleek, curved shape.

For a final, sweet touch, Takayas placed two more subtle references to Maily's most treasured series within her striking design. The crowned heart logo of the Kingdom Hearts series is engraved into the back of Jotaro's collar, while the icon worn by the Matsuno brothers in Osomatsu-san forms the undergallery that cradles her center diamond!


"She said YES!" V exclaimed a few months later, after the big proposal. "She absolutely loved the ring! It's one-of-a-kind and it's tailored to just her, so it was definitely something special. We were both highly impressed with Takayas' creativity and skill to create such a piece of artwork!"

Thank you, V, for giving us the opportunity to create a one-of-a-kind ring for Maily that truly reflects her spectacular personality. We wish you endless years of joy as you embark on this exciting next chapter in your lives together - surrounded by all of the wonderful things you love most!

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