Japanese Garden of Delight Cherry Blossom Engagement Ring

Embarking on a journey to encapsulate the essence of his love for his girlfriend Ashley, Brandon sought the expertise of Takayas to transform his dream into tangible beauty. He visited our Los Angeles studio for a consultation to discuss the precise diamond he wanted Takayas to select as well as the Japanese aesthetics he desired for the engagement ring. Brandon’s first date with Ashley was at a Japanese garden so cherry blossoms and the serene beauty of these enchanting grounds was important to depict in the ring.

Takayas chose a scintillating oval-cut diamond for the engagement ring. It has been said that this shape embodies joie de vivre. Delicate cherry blossom flowers and sinuous tendrils surround the center stone while leafy vines dance with delight along the yellow gold band.

Always one for subtle details, the flowers cleverly serve as the diamond's prongs securing the magnificent center gem and adding elegance to the ring's setting. To add an extra sparkle, a swirly line of diamonds grace each side of the ring. The twinkling stones bring an extra bit of sophistication to nature's charm. Additionally, the larger cherry blossoms are kissed at their centers with petite diamonds.

When Brandon received the ring at the beginning of this year, he told us he was planning to surprise Ashley by proposing for their anniversary in April. After patiently waiting for Takayas to craft the engagement ring, he had to wait a few months longer until he could finally ask her to be his wife. He shared, “It’s surreal to be at this point and I can’t wait to show her!! The hardest part of this is trying to not immediately show her it.”

When we saw Brandon’s name in our inbox last week, we immediately knew that the couple’s happy news awaited us. Opening the email, we were greeted with a photo of the newly engaged couple beaming with happiness and love as Ashely proudly displayed Brandon and Takayas’ creation on her hand. We are always flattered by words of appreciation, but we especially hold dear these sweet photos. The couple’s smiles are a precious reminder of why Takayas continues to create these labor-intensive bespoke pieces. A smile speaks volumes like a silent symphony that dances across the lips revealing the depth of happiness and love within.

Our hearts were filled with gratitude to Brandon and Ashley for allowing us to be a small part of this most special time in their lives. May their love bloom with the same elegance and grace of a cherry blossom tree, painting their lives with vibrant colors and sweet fragrances!


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