His and Hers The Legend of Zelda Wedding Rings

This week we feature a pair of wedding rings that boast iconic and sacred symbols from The Legend of Zelda. The couple, Michael and Beth, each separately reached out to Takayas to commission each other’s bespoke wedding rings. While coordinating beautiful, each ring is unique while weaving the essence of their favorite fantasy into the very symbols of their eternal commitment. For Beth’s ring, Takayas featured three blue sapphires that glitter in a yellow gold setting sculpted into the Zora's Sapphire from Ocarina of Time. A bright diamond embellishes the middle for an extra touch of sophisticated sparkle. Mirror images of the Master Sword's stylized hilt flank each side of the Zora's Sapphire with a sleek, tapering white gold band reflecting the sword's blade. The hilts seamlessly frame a pair of Hylian Shields, artistically carved with stunning iconography similar to the patterns on Princess Zelda's armor. For Michael’s band, taking inspiration from the Hylian shields that grace the shoulders of Beth’s ring, the shield crowns his band in shimmering white gold. This mighty accouterment symbolizes how they have and will continue to support and protect each other in their precious union. Also adorning the band is Takayas' interpretation of the mighty master sword signaling Michael's achievements as a courageous hero giving him the wisdom and power to wield it. Flanking the Hylian shield is the design from The Master sword's hilt which transitions into the sword's scabbard's sharp geometric design that floats above the silver band. The yellow gold gives an impressive visual pop of brightness. Though crafted as distinct treasures, these Zelda inspired wedding rings share a profound unity beyond their unique designs. Each ring is a testament to the individuality of each partner, but gracefully coordinates with the other in a harmonious dance symbolizing the couple’s journey. As a tangible embodiment of a love story where two paths converge, they transcend the boundaries of fantasy and reality. We would like to thank Michael and Beth for entrusting Takayas with this most special commission. May their future chapters be as legendary as the tales that inspired their union, forever etched in the heart containers of their shared destiny. 


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