Heritage Inspired Men's Ring

Luke dreamed of a special art piece that would commemorate his family and heritage. After discovering Takayas Custom Jewelry's uniquely inspired jewelry creations, he knew just who to ask to create a gorgeous and impactful design! Luke's meaningful custom men's ring showcases his Chilean and Norwegian heritage through spectacular metal design work. Golden stylized images of the regal Andean condor, the national bird of Chile and a symbol of power and wisdom, majestically swoop across Luke's ring. Glittering aquamarines embellish each distinctive comb upon the condors' heads. Two graceful fish swim between the condors' feathers near the bottom of the band, representing the importance of fish and the sea to life along the long coast of Norway. Calling to mind the Pisces symbol, the fish also illuminate the bond between Luke and his twin brother. Their slender tails wrap around vivid pink sapphire accent stones. Luke was born in Japan, and a playful tribute to the land of his birth reveals itself when his band is turned over. Takayas etched a rose gold silhouette of Luke's favorite Digimon, Garurumon, within the ring's undergallery. When Luke first saw the renders of his design, he was floored. "They weren't what I expected. They were different. Something that I wouldn't have conceived of myself, and something that just astounded me." He later rejoiced when he received the finished piece: "It's an amazing, beautiful, elegant piece of art. I am incredibly glad to have done it." Thank you, Luke, for inviting us to craft a phenomenal men's ring that celebrates your heritage and your one-of-a-kind life story. When your ring catches the light on your finger, we hope you're reminded of your wonderful history! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.