Heavenly Elpis Inspired Engagement Ring

Coming into Takayas Custom Jewelry, Leticia and Brandon knew exactly what they wanted. To help us capture their vision, we spoke with them regarding their passions and expectations. When we met them for the first time at our studio, we could see that the two were in love and completed each other like two puzzle pieces – alike yet individually unique, they complement one another to form a whole. For them, Takayas crafted a gorgeous engagement ring that reflects the love they share, represented by the lovely elements they cherish. Through the thoughtful design notes they documented for us, Takayas brainstormed a design, bringing to life a heavenly ring that features a dazzling moissanite at its center. Understanding the amount of care and detail that was put into the notes they curated, he worked to return their efforts in kind through the design and craft he would present to Leticia and Brandon. Focusing on a design that captures their desired heavenly and elegant aesthetic, Takayas came up with a design that breathes a serene organic look. Vines, leaves, and wings entwine to form their band, arranged together to create a romantic painting of metal and stone. Rose gold details wrapped around a yellow gold foundation exude a sort of warm beauty. Angelic wings unfurl to caress a shimmering pear-shaped centerpiece, sparkling amethysts highlight the curvature of the tear while rows of glittering diamonds embellish the space between the feathers. Exquisite flora inspired by the land of Elpis from Final Fantasy XIV decorates the band further down, with two lovely amethyst encrusted flowers at the beginning of each diamond trail as vines and leaves carefully wrap around the graceful golden plumes. Aiming to sculpt a meaningful and well-balanced design, Takayas carefully placed each element in a way that showcases their beauty and strengths from any angle the ring is viewed. From above, the pairs of wings take focus, but hints of the Elpis flora remain present. From the sides, the laced ivy and its dear relationship with the feathers they embrace shine warmly under the spotlight. As soon as Takayas was done with the creation of their ring, Brandon picked up the personalized custom piece and went to plan the sweet grand proposal!

Last November we received an email from Leticia lined with a much-awaited message, “Brandon proposed!” We were so excited to hear the big news! Receiving updates after a completed project always brings us such great joy, and the line that followed made our day so much brighter. “And the ring is as beautiful, if not more, than how it looked in the CAD photos. Thank you so much for helping make our engagement such a special occasion.” Thank you, Brandon and Leticia, for choosing us to work on your meaningful custom project. Congratulations on your engagement! We wish you both great bundles of joy for years to come. 


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