Heartfelt Castlevania Inspired Heart-Shaped Diamond Engagement Ring

In the heart of Los Angeles, where creativity knows no bounds, our studio became the meeting ground for an intriguing request. Hailing from the picturesque landscape of Canada, a DJ named Stephen walked through our doors with a unique vision – one that blended the mystique of vampire bats and the aesthetic of Castlevania with the timeless elegance of an engagement ring for his girlfriend Amber. In this week’s jewelry journey, we delve into Takayas’ artistry and craftsmanship that brought to life a one-of-a-kind creation, seamlessly merging the unconventional with the eternal. At the center of Amber’s engagement ring, Takayas nestled the exquisite heart-shaped diamond that Stephen so carefully selected for the ring. When Stephen came to Los Angeles to meet with Takayas, Takayas procured three extremely rare heart-shaped diamonds for him to choose from. When presenting Stephen with his choices, he knew that this diamond was the perfect stone to serve as an everlasting testament to the boundless beauty found in the union of two hearts. The heart centerpiece, a tangible emblem of Stephen’s affection, sets the stage for Takayas' bespoke design. Expanding from the diamond and gracing the shoulders, twinkling diamonds adorn crescent moons, reminiscent of moonlight in the small hours, a subtle nod to the Castlevania logo. Following the moon's path along the band, the design transforms into large bat wings, wrapping around the sides. Beneath these wings, the fire motif from Sypha burns as brightly as Stephen’s love for Amber. Sypha's magical fireballs are mirrored in the bezel-set accent diamonds on the side gallery of the ring. Returning to the band's sides, the design draws inspiration from the handle of the Vampire Killer morning star whip. The ornate design culminates in another bezel-set diamond, once again a subtle homage to Sypha's fireball. With Takayas' touch, the inside of the ring is as beautiful as its exterior. The ring’s undergallery boasts two crosses inspired by the handle of Alucard's sword. Beyond mere Castlevania iconography, these intersecting symbols represent Stephen and Amber, their lives forever entwined through their precious union. While these elements may be recognizable to the couple, Takayas intentionally ensured the ring transcends time, presenting a timeless and elegant design, devoid of a costumey feel. The casual admirer will undoubtedly remark on the beauty of the design, but only the couple will discern the hidden meanings.

When Stephen received the package that held this most special piece of jewelry, he shared these kinds words with us: “I am absolutely, and positively blown away by the design! Takayas has really captured exactly what I was hoping for . . . so many beautiful aspects woven into its design. I really couldn’t have imagined it would turn out this special!”Stephen had an unforgettable plan for his proposal to Amber. He whisked her away to Japan, setting the stage for a truly memorable moment. The iconic Gundam museum in Yokohama became the backdrop to a moment etched in time – a proposal that echoed the whispers of devotion against the hum of the mechanized giant. Stephen knelt and proposed to Amber. An unforgettable trip culminated into a memory that would last their lifetimes – they were engaged! Congratulations to the newly engaged couple! May your journey together be as extraordinary as the love story that led you to Takayas and to Japan. Wishing you a lifetime filled with joy, laughter, and countless shared adventures! 


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