Guild Wars 2 Inspired Wedding Rings

With the recent Guild Wars 2 content drop of What Lies Within in mind, we delve into Takayas’ archives to feature a pair of Guild Wars 2 inspired wedding bands. In 2019, just a year before the pandemic, Emily and Justin commissioned wedding rings inspired by their favorite MMORPG Guild Wars 2. Who would have known that these rings would serve as a symbol of their commitment, love and support during the unknown for the next three years. After 6 years of enjoying Guild Wars 2 together, Emily and Justin contacted Takayas with the mission to create rings that encapsulated their shared interests as well as their individuality. Emily's character was an Asuran Necromancer and Justin’s character was a Norn Warrior. Takayas endeavored to create complementary rings that served as a metaphor for the adventures that the committed couple would face during their married life together. Throughout the rings, Takayas took inspiration from elements from the game such as Glint’s Egg and The Shining Blade for truly one-of-a-kind designs. Mystic topazes crown each of their rings at their apex. Takayas crafted Emily’s ring to represent her love of fantasy and adventure as well as an expression of love and hope with a bit of whimsy. "Together forever" is poignantly inscribed in the ring as a testament to her union with Justin. For Justin, Takayas wanted to express his wish for a ring that would bring him comfort as a reminder of his life partner and their happy memories together. Justin chose to have "My beloved" etched inside his band for his one and only, Emily.

Photo by Rosely Vue Photography With deep gratitude, we wish Emily and Justin a lifetime of love and happiness in every adventure they face together!


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