"Grandma's Present" Family Birthstone Necklace

Ornamented with birthstones and crafted in unique designs, custom symbolic jewelry makes a fantastic gift to the wonderful people who wear them. Looking for a special way to pay tribute to a beloved family member, our friend Rif came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create his own symbolic piece, in the form of a stunning 18K white gold necklace that would make a statement at his upcoming family reunion!

Rif's family had big plans for their reunion. Nearly the entire family was traveling from all corners to celebrate over Easter weekend, with a focus on honoring the matriarch that brought them all together. There would be a succession of thoughtfully chosen gifts, a questionnaire style game with Grandma featuring inquiries such as "How did you meet Grandpa?" and so on - culminating with brunch on Sunday morning, where she would be surprised with the greatest present of all: a spectacular piece of fine jewelry that commemorated her legacy.

"There was nothing we saw in any store that looked right," Rif said, in regards to the design of what would become their amazing gift. "We knew it had to be custom." Naturally, of course, that meant reaching out to Takayas Custom Jewelry - and Takayas was more than eager to step up to the task!


Building off of the ideas presented in the rough sketch Rif generously drew up for us, Takayas set to work on crafting a one-of-a-kind necklace with the refined, elegant appeal the family was looking for. The sleek design he created flatters the bright colors featured across the pear-cut birthstones that represent Grandma's six lovely children, arranged into an alternating blue and red pattern of aquamarine, garnet, blue topaz, ruby, blue topaz, and pink tourmaline. Dangling from the necklace in three groups of round and pear cuts, dazzling white sapphires also reflect her eleven precious grandchildren! Romantic curls of white gold filigree make Rif's distinctive jewelry at once irresistibly stylish and timelessly beautiful - a piece Takayas was sure Grandma would cherish forever.

Once we presented Rif with his finished jewelry, we waited with baited breath for the day of the reunion to finally arrive. After the event, he was delighted to get in touch with us and let us know that the reveal of the necklace was an absolutely joyful success! "Grandma was overwhelmed and overjoyed," he said. "There were a lot of happy tears from the whole family." He was even kind enough to share a photo with us of Grandma wearing her beautiful new necklace, proudly displaying her love and legacy for the family she holds dear!


Beyond the excitement of the final piece itself, Rif was also grateful for the experience he had with us in creating his remarkable necklace. "You made everything so easy, every step of the way," he mentioned. "And the final work of art you created is beyond priceless to me and my family. Thank you a million times over."

Thank you, Rif, for granting us the privilege of crafting a magnificent piece of custom jewelry that carries so much meaning for your family. We wish you all many years of joy and love as you continue to come together and celebrate the relationships you share - and here's hoping that even when the next reunion rolls around, everyone is still talking about Grandma's incredible necklace!

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