Glistening Ocean Waves Engagement Ring

Ready to start a new chapter with his girlfriend, Charlie contacted Takayas for an engagement ring. He shared that the ocean was deeply meaningful to his beloved thalassophile – ocean lover - partner as well as to them as a couple. As a designer who profoundly enjoys using nature as his muse, Takayas set out to create the ring of Charlie’s dreams. To begin, Takayas chose a scintillating diamond to be the centerpiece of the ring. This classic and timeless choice anchored the design and served as a symbol of eternal love. For the side gallery, Takayas featured cascading waves that appear to be holding the diamond up as if offering it to the heavens. While many of our clients send us inspiration images of ideas and ring styles they like, Charlie took it a step further and sent us his own sketches of the ocean wave details he wanted portrayed on the engagement ring. Takayas translated his drawings into the design that flows from the ring’s shoulders down the sides of the band. The undulating waves are sculpted in various sizes and adorned with diamonds. The twinkling diamonds were meant to be reminiscent of the glint of the sun's reflection on the waves.

We would like to thank Charlie for commissioning Takayas to create his engagement ring. As a tangible reminder of the many ocean-related memories he has shared with his dear partner, we hope that it also represents abundant forthcoming maritime adventures! 


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