Gladiolus Memories Inspired Engagement Ring

Ming Yun wanted to express to his partner just how much he cherishes the time they spend together. As a symbol of beloved memories, his stunning custom engagement ring features lovely gladiolus flowers and artistic designs inspired by the flow of time!

A dreamy light blue sapphire sparkles in the center of Ming Yun's elegant band, embraced by dainty gladiolus blooms. Each flower is embellished with a bright diamond accent stone, like a token of a precious moment in this sweet couple's life together. Takayas meticulously handcrafted every petal to capture their organic, wavy shape, bringing them to life in gorgeous layers of white gold.

Underneath the canopy of flowers, the band blends into an abstract representation of a clock. Swirling patterns create twelve cleverly fashioned openings, calling to mind the twelve hours marked on a clock face. North and south-facing prongs in the form of delicate clock hands reach up to cradle the sapphire centerpiece, pulling the entire design perfectly together.

When Takayas revealed Ming Yun's extraordinary ring, he was almost speechless. "The design and the details are just overwhelmingly amazing," he rejoiced. "This design is more than what I hoped for and I thank you for that." Ming Yun's now-fiancée was just as blown away!

Thank you, Ming Yun, for giving us the opportunity to craft a meaningful engagement ring that reflects the special moments you and your partner hold dear. Here's wishing you both many more incredible memories to come!

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