Give Thanks with Takayas Custom Jewelry – Happy Thanksgiving!

It’s Thanksgiving week! A time of the year when many come together with the people, they care for to share a meal and give appreciation to those which we are thankful for. We are always so grateful at Takayas Custom Jewelry for the old friends we have and the new ones we meet, giving great thanks and appreciation for the amazing designs and ideas we were able to create and bring to life. With each custom design and each loving reaction that follows, we are reminded of why we do what we do as we are always filled with joy from the positive and kind words we receive from our dear customers. Hearing the amazing post-custom stories shared with us adds so much to our days as we are filled with delight from the wonderful news of a successful proposal or a grandly received gift. Masterfully handcrafted and thoughtfully designed, every piece of jewelry we work on carries our appreciation for not only the craft but also the opportunity offered to us by our customers to create meaningful accessories that are to be cherished for a long time. The memories, emotions, and mindfulness brought to us by our customers to create a custom jewelry piece always color our smiles. Whether it be made for a loved one or made for yourself, the apparent gleefulness received from offering a special personal design is always a grand feeling. We rejoice in the warming knowledge that our custom jewelry is able to travel far and wide, meeting so many loved ones and becoming a part of so many charming moments! A small yet great addition to our friends’ characters that may mark great new beginnings. Like an engagement ring crafted with stones passed down from both families made to represent two lines meeting as one. A ring inspired by the pottery artwork of the proposed by the request of the proposer to impress her and her family, who also happened to have a few relatives who were jewelers. One with a Gigeresque design based on the tattoo on her back and presented in a proposal by him on set in an episode of American Ninja Warrior. Held by one yet gazed upon by many, the custom engagement rings we made were a part of such beautiful moments filled with love and cheer. Whatever the occasion or the reason to create your special custom jewelry, there’s always room to include those important to you. Be it great or small the gratitude we have for the ability and space to create elegant tokens of love for these intimate personal moments is as abundant as can be! Mark your story with a memorable token of personalized love from Takayas Custom Jewelry. Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.