Fruits Basket and Chinese Zodiac Inspired Engagement Ring

This week we are delighted to feature a ring that was inspired by the enchanting realms of the animals that encompass the world of the anime Fruits Basket and the Chinese Zodiac. When Benjamin contacted us, he envisioned a ring that would prominently feature his partner Amy’s favorites animals from the series as well as the couple’s zodiac signs. With a plethora of animal inspiration, Takayas set off to create a jewelry piece that would encapsulate the essence of love and beauty found in the most unexpected places. Benjamin wanted a colorful center stone for the ring and gave Takayas, who happens to be a certified gemologist, the creative freedom to choose the perfect stone to complement the ring’s design. Symbolic of the couple’s relationship, Takayas chose a radiant citrine, a gemstone imbued with warmth and vitality. Much like the characters in Fruits Basket who navigate the complexities of life with courage and grace, the citrine symbolizes prosperity and positivity in the couple’s precious union. Takayas draped the shoulders of the luminous white gold band with intricate patterns belonging to the intelligent rooster – Benjamin’s zodiac sign – and the faerie dragon that Amy loves. The majestic dragon's butterfly-like wings boldly wrap around the band, embellished by the confident rooster's dashing feathers. Adorning the rooster's plumes are lovely topaz accent stones in Swiss blue to juxtapose against the yellow citrine center stone. The under gallery of the ring features Amy’s zodiac, the rat, with an engraving inspired by Fruits Basket. Protected by the rooster and the dragon are sweet rats featured underneath the radiant center stone. The dragon and the rooster on the ring’s exterior design embrace the darling rats underneath. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to Benjamin and Amy for commissioning this extraordinary ring. Your love story, much like the journey depicted in Fruits Basket is a testament to the power of connection, compassion, and resilience. May this ring serve as a timeless symbol of your bond, reminding you of the joyous moments already shared and the adventures to come! 


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