French Pavé & Orchid Filigree Engagement Ring With Matching Wedding Band

Philip wanted to craft a beautifully unique and extraordinary bridal set for Audra. Envisioning a pave band with accent stones surrounding a magnificent center diamond like a bouquet he approached Takayas Custom Jewelry. He was determined to present Audra with the most outstanding bridal set, and we were committed to provide as demanded! For the engagement ring, Philip’s carefully chosen center stone shines among a glory of diamonds, framed by glittering rows of diamonds flowing down the graceful shank. To maximize their brilliant sparkle these gorgeous accent stones are placed in meticulously crafted French settings. Stunning artistic filigree cleverly fills the undergallery’s open space! The twirling platinum forms itself into a blooming flower for an extra special touch. Takayas sculpted three-dimensional petals overlapping one another similar to those of a flourishing orchid. An organic design that complements the engagement ring’s overall sleek and delicate style. Accompanying the elegant engagement ring is a perfect matching wedding band. Showcasing a dainty elegance with its simple and clean three-quarter eternity band. Lovely French-set diamonds embellish and emphasize the jewelry’s brilliance! Philip provided kind review of his custom journey with us, “I had a great time working with Takayas and the ring came out exactly as imagined.” He also shared photos of his truly romantic proposal to Audra in Maui at Haleakala during a timeless sunset. Thank you, Philip, for choosing us to craft Audra’s splendid bridal set. We wish both of you a lifetime of happiness and eternal love together! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.