Floral Japanese Inspired Engagement Ring

Takayas' background in ikebana flower arranging and love of Japanese art inspire his creative custom jewelry designs. When Marc and Fallon came to Takayas Custom Jewelry on the search for an engagement ring that would reflect their admiration of traditional Japanese culture, Takayas was excited to take on the challenge!


Fallon's dreams for her refined engagement ring included floral patterns and intricate metalwork. Lovely cherry blossoms adorn her white gold band as if floating on a gentle spring breeze, wrapped in flowing, overlapping petals. Glittering amethysts in the center of each blossom give her design a special twist that reflects her favorite color. Set deep within the band, an exquisite diamond centerpiece blends in seamlessly among the blooming flowers.


Beneath the canopy of cherry blossoms, cuff-like shapes call to mind the obi belt of a kimono, giving Fallon's ring an elegant cinched appearance. Lightly engraved lines represent the decorative obijime cord tied around many styles of obi. For an additional touch of sparkle, lustrous blue sapphires embellish each center.

Marc and Fallon were blown away when their stunning engagement ring arrived home. "It is very beautiful, and better than I could have imagined!" Fallon exclaimed. "I'm so happy that Takayas was able to interpret my ideas and create such a delicate and unique piece."


Thank you, Marc and Fallon, for inviting us to create an extraordinary engagement ring that celebrates Japanese art and culture. We hope that all your days are filled with the joy, beauty, and sense of renewal that cherry blossoms bring!

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