Final Fantasy Zanarkand Abes Inspired Engagement Ring

At Takayas Custom Jewelry we pride ourselves in bringing your ideas to life through gorgeous jewelry to be cherished for years to come! This week we feature a design we have yet to highlight, an engagement ring incorporating the distinctive symbols and patterns from Final Fantasy characters meaningful to Brandon and Kelsey. With great passion and ambitious artistry, we crafted a unique and meaningful custom engagement ring for Kelsey based on Brandon’s carefully curated notes and thoughtfully sketched ideas. From Brandon’s ideas and his love for Kelsey bloomed this specially crafted engagement ring. Featuring as many of his wonderful ideas as possible, the ring is topped with a dazzling cushion-cut diamond that is held within crescent-shaped prongs. Along the shoulder, the ring twirls and flows to form mirror images of Jecht’s Zanarkand Abes symbol. They curl around tiny aquamarine stones that call to mind the sweet scene Yuna and Tidus share together at Macalaina Lake. Gracing the “cutout” space between the layers of this rose gold ring are the elegant floral patterns found embroidered on Yuna’s skirt. Takayas took the pattern and transformed the gentle blossoms into gorgeous ornate filigree that branches and cradles a sweet aquamarine accent on either side. Providing support to this thin and delicate area while allowing for dynamic negative space is a smaller pair of Jecht’s symbols that form the walls of the ring’s under gallery.

For one final touch that ties the themes of Brandon and Kelsey’s design together, the top of Yuna’s staff rests nestled below their brilliant center stone amongst Jecht’s symbol to add a pleasant surprise for anyone who looks underneath! Even as time passed, Brandon and Kelsey shared with us kind words about the craft we worked on. “Yes, we would gladly share some pictures with you and some thoughts about our experiences. We really loved how the ring turned out.“ “We are absolutely thrilled that you’ve decided to feature our ring! I'm still in love with it and I get compliments on it all the time!” Both of them respectfully noted their enthusiasm when we reached out to share that we would be featuring their ring.

“As for our experience, we're so glad we chose to have a custom ring made by Takayas! Takayas was so easy to work with and really listened to us. We really appreciated the fact that when we presented our ideas, he took the time to explain to us what would and wouldn't work structurally. It was also nice that Takayas had no problem making edits. For example, the first draft we got of the ring was beautiful, but it wasn't quite what we had imagined. After communicating the changes, we wanted with Takayas he came up with the perfect ring!! We were so happy with it and still are to this day! And not only is the ring design beautiful, but also the diamond itself! Takayas makes sure to pick out quality diamonds to go with his wonderful designs.” Along with a gracious review of their journey with us that truthfully highlighted our days, they also shared some lovely photos of their special day taken by Angelica Marie Photography.

Thank you, Brandon & Kelsey! It is truly endearing to know that you continue to cherish our craftmanship and the custom journey we shared. May you both make more warm memories with one another as great blessings follow and shower your loving relationship! 


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