Final Fantasy XIV Soul Crystals Inspired Bracelet

Claudia is a longtime friend of Takayas Custom Jewelry. Back in 2017, we shared two previous jewelry creations inspired by her love of Final Fantasy XIV: a pair of beautiful sterling silver earrings based upon the magical Soul Crystals, and a stunning blue topaz-crested ring continuing the theme with additional elements referencing the fearsome great wyrm Hraesvelgr. This year, Claudia returned to Takayas to complete the trio, with a special bracelet showcasing all of the game's Soul Crystals!


In the vast realm of Eorzea, the setting of Final Fantasy XIV, who you are can change at the drop of a hat - or at the switch of a Soul Crystal. Mysterious gems thrumming with divine aether, Soul Crystals possess the power to imbue an adventurer with a wealth of knowledge related to the specialized classes they represent. For Claudia's bracelet, Takayas linked a series of shimmering 14K white gold charms reflecting all of the Crystals from the Soul of the Samurai to the Soul of the Paladin, each with its own unique shape. Keeping in with the style of her earrings and ring, he added a luxurious touch by incorporating a thin gallery within the middle of each charm, creating depth and visual interest without making the piece too heavy to wear.


Across one end of the back of the bracelet, letters in Eorzean font spell Claudia's name - on the opposite end, the Soul Crystals are inscribed with name of her beloved character, Cloudy. In the center, the iconic meteor forming the Final Fantasy XIV logo represents the incredible game of endless possibilities that Claudia calls home.

"I am speechless at seeing such a beautiful bracelet," Claudia said, when her stunning new piece finally wrapped around her wrist. "As silly as it might sound, looking at these crystal forms... I can't help but think how big an impact this game has had in my life. Thank you for giving me yet another piece to keep close and wear, reminding me of this wonderful game." Final-Fantasy-XIV-Soul-Crystals-Inspired-Bracelet-4

Claudia was so moved, in fact, that she shared a few screenshots with us to express how even Cloudy wanted to bow to Takayas in gratitude!

Thank you, Claudia, for inviting us to create another amazing piece of fine jewelry that allows you to keep the spirit of the game you cherish close to you wherever you go. We're looking forward to the next entry in the Claudia and Cloudy series!

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