Final Fantasy XIV Eden's Verse Shiva Inspired Engagement Ring

Graceful, radiant, and shimmering like ice - this is the style Joseph dreamed of for his special custom engagement ring. Takayas Custom Jewelry brought his ideas to life in an extraordinary Final Fantasy XIV themed design inspired by Shiva! His gorgeous ring focuses on Shiva's unique appearance through Ryne in Eden's Verse: Refulgence, as the legendary Heritor of Frost.

As the most iconic element of Shiva's costume, her frozen tiara gives structure to Joseph's gleaming white gold band. The intricate patterns arc and twirl in dazzling filigree, embellished with a pair of beautiful blue topaz accent stones that represent his partner's birthstone.

Stylized arrows that decorate the train of Shiva's skirt frame the elegant tiara design work. Linking across the ring's under-gallery, they form a dainty open shank. Takayas sculpted the tapered shapes into the prongs that uphold Joseph's brilliant diamond centerpiece, showcasing the love he and his partner share.

"I absolutely love it!" Joseph exclaimed upon seeing his stunning design. "It's beautiful, and even better than I was ever expecting. Thank you so much!"

Thank you, Joseph, for inviting us to craft your perfect custom engagement ring. We wish you and your partner a lifetime of joy together!

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