Final Fantasy XIV Black Mage Inspired Wedding Band

To complete his astounding Final Fantasy XIV inspired wedding set, our friend wanted to match his partner's Astrologian with his own Black Mage. Takayas Custom Jewelry created an amazing men's wedding band themed after his favorite job, showcasing the sorcery of the Black Mage!


Mystical orbs in the form of gemstones dance around the Black Mage as they cast their spell. Takayas encrusted our friend's platinum wedding band with dazzling rubies and diamonds, representing the Black Mage's mastery over the elements of fire and ice. Interlacing ley lines create a field of energy around the stones that amplifies magic power.


These ley lines meld into the overlapping patterns of the Black Mage's Enochian ability, which Takayas also featured in the Astrologian themed wedding band worn by our friend's beloved partner. For a final touch that entwines their fortunes, the design culminates in the stylistic layered arrows that wind around the zodiac wheel of the Astrologian's Horoscope ability.

Thank you so much to our friend for giving us the opportunity to create not one, not two, but three phenomenal rings inspired by what Final Fantasy means to your beautiful relationship. We hope that the coming years for you and your partner are nothing short of magical!

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