Final Fantasy XIV Black Mage Inspired Engagement Ring

Over the past four years, Sam and Jenny's sweet relationship has always been full of fun and adventure. "We love nerding out and traveling together," Sam explained to us. "I wanted Jenny to have a unique, one-of-a-kind ring, that was special to both of us. She's wanted a Takayas ring for a long time," he humorously added. Deciding to craft a custom engagement ring inspired by their many escapades in Final Fantasy XIV, Sam came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create an enchanting design that placed the focus on two powerful weapons wielded by Jenny's favorite job class: the mysterious Black Mage!


Finding inspiration in the asymmetrical beauty of the Black Mage's fabled Relic and Anima Weapons, Takayas sought to infuse Sam's platinum engagement ring with an aura that was truly from another world. The striking crescent-like shape that twirls around the crest of the Stardust Rod here frames his ring's dusky center stone, transforming the deep blue sapphire that represents Jenny's birth month into a jewel with the radiance of a newborn star! Hugging the opposite side of the stone, the organic, netted shapes of the Hvergelmir flow along the ring's shoulders.

Two blue sapphire accent stones sparkling on either side of the band represent the glowing gem embedded within the Stardust Rod's tapering shank. Holding it all seamlessly together, the oval-shaped centerpiece of the Hvergelmir forms the undergallery of the ring, carved with delicate runes.

Sam was beyond thrilled when we first revealed his incredible custom design. "The renders look absolutely amazing!" he exclaimed. "I am literally lost for words." He admitted later on that he just couldn't resist sharing the renders with Jenny ahead of the actual piece - and she was equally delighted with the spellbinding engagement ring perfectly crafted just for her finger!


"The entire process of customizing the ring was super easy, and the team was extremely awesome in assisting us through the process," Sam went on to say. "We sent images of the two weapons we wanted the ring to be modeled after and Takayas worked his magic. We're looking forward to getting our wedding bands from Takayas, too, once we figure out how to do wedding planning!"

Thank you, Sam, for granting us the opportunity to craft a stunningly beautiful ring that captures the marvelous relationship you and Jenny share. As you celebrate the gift of your wonderful love, we hope every day you spend together is nothing short of magical!

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