Final Fantasy XIV Astrologian Inspired Wedding Band

After surprising his partner with a gorgeous Final Fantasy XIV Astrologian inspired engagement ring, our friend returned to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create a marvelous matching wedding band. This spectacular design places the focus on the Astrologian's arcane abilities!


Preparing their Divination ability, the Astrologian shines in the center of the wedding band through the form of a brilliant diamond accent stone. Delicate rays extend all around to reflect the mesmerizing light that beams from the Astrologian as they consult the heavens above. A scattering of tiny diamonds embellishes the area between the rays, sparkling like a night sky full of stars.


Alongside his partner's Astrologian, our friend loves to play the mysterious Black Mage. To mirror the three-dimensional, carved style of the engagement ring, Takayas indented the wedding band with alternating arrows from the Astrologian's Divination and the Black Mage's Enochian ability. An extended silhouette of Enochian adorns the graceful shoulders, beautifully entwining the two magical jobs.


Visit our blog again next week as we complete our friend's Final Fantasy themed wedding set, featuring his own extraordinary Black Mage inspired wedding band!

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Are you ready to begin your custom jewelry journey?

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