Final Fantasy XIV Amaurot Inspired Engagement Ring

The limitless artistic possibilities of custom jewelry design can do more than just represent an idea - they can evoke an entire feeling. Our friend came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to craft a breathtaking engagement ring inspired by the atmosphere of the phantom city of Amaurot, the mysterious final main story dungeon in Final Fantasy XIV: Shadowbringers.


A legendary recreated utopia hidden at the bottom of the sea, Amaurot's mesmerizing architecture imbues the landscape with an otherworldly, dreamlike quality. Takayas reflected this ethereal essence through the graceful arc and flow of our friend's sculptural engagement ring. Stained glass-like patterns from buildings and lanterns interweave in diamond-studded platinum strands, reaching up from the shoulders to cradle a shimmering white opal center stone.


One of the most distinctive architectural features of Amaurot is the massive spires that twist through the watery sky far above the city. Takayas fashioned the ring's undergallery into the wavy shape of the spires, wrapping elegantly around the wearer's finger. Their barred open sections offer a secret glimpse of the white opal centerpiece above, enhancing the engagement ring's sense of discovery and one-of-a-kind contemporary style.


Upon the reveal of his incredible engagement ring, our friend was blown away. "Wow," he exclaimed. "I appreciate the amount of thought put into the design. It’s amazing. I think it’s beautiful."

Thank you to our friend for giving us the opportunity to create a stunning custom jewelry piece that truly captures the unique feeling of Amaurot. We wish you and your partner a lifetime of happiness together, celebrating a love that's as extraordinary as your engagement ring.

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