Final Fantasy XIV Amaurot & Ancients Inspired Wedding Ring

Huge fans of Final Fantasy XIV, Rosy and Eliazar spent a lot of time playing the game together along with friends and family. Blown away by Takayas Custom Jewelry’s Final Fantasy XIV Amaurot inspired engagement ring, they reached out to us to craft a unique wedding ring for Rosy that would be a representation of the love they have for one another and a tribute to the game they love so dearly. Sparkling at the top of a carefully crafted platinum ring is a beautiful moon-like center stone! Framed by remarkably unique prongs inspired by both the city of Amaurot and the city’s inhabitants, the Ancients. To the east and west of their radiant center stone, the pattern found on the masks the Ancients wear is laid upon the shoulders of this sophisticated ring. Across the bridge of the ring and further down its shoulders, the strikingly notable and captivating architecture found in Amaurot provides a magnificent artistic touch to its splendid design. Iridescent accent stones embellish the sides of Rosy’s wedding ring adding a twinkle of starlight to its overall design. Takayas’ artistic mind was conveyed exceptionally by his expert craftsmanship. When Rosy and Eliazar came in to pick up their custom ring, they were amazed at the great details that were pronounced within their finished piece. Sweet as they are, Rosy and Eliazar provided us with a testimonial filled with kind thoughts: “From beginning to end, the process of having our ring designed and made was incredibly smooth! Communication with Nicole was always clear and quick, and every exchange was fantastic. The comments and renders we received from Takayas were beautiful and incredibly detailed, and the final product was beyond stunning to see in person. If we're looking to have another custom piece made, we will definitely return to Takayas!!”

Thank you, Rosy and Eliazar, for providing us with an opportunity to meet with the Ancients and revisit the magnificent city of Amaurot. We wish you both great happiness and an abundance of love! Ar


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