Final Fantasy XIII Night Lotus Inspired Men's Wedding Band

As an avid player of Final Fantasy, Austin knew that he wanted a one-of-a-kind custom wedding band that paid homage to the series' unique costumes and art design. He came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create an extraordinary ring inspired by one of his favorite characters in the series, Lightning from Final Fantasy XIII!


Takayas sculpted Austin's stunning wedding band with a clever use of negative space, emphasizing the intricate metalwork while also keeping the ring light and easy to wear. Swirling filigree and spiky horns blend seamlessly together within a distinctive arched canvas, reflecting the bold design of Lightning's Night Lotus shield from Lightning Returns: Final Fantasy XIII.


At the very bottom of the band, striking etched patterns from the gloves Lightning wears in the first Final Fantasy XIII game frame the design. For a special touch that references Kingdom Hearts, another Square Enix series Austin enjoys, Sora's iconic crown motif rests on either side of his glittering blue topaz accent stone.

Thank you, Austin, for giving us the opportunity to craft an amazing ring inspired by one of Final Fantasy's most beloved protagonists. We wish you and your partner many years of happiness together, full of days as bright as lightning!


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