Final Fantasy XIII Lightning Inspired Men's Engagement Ring

For his Final Fantasy-loving partner, our friend was eager to propose with a stunning engagement ring that reflected the series' iconic costuming and art style. Creating a spectacular geeky ring with Takayas Custom Jewelry was his natural choice! The geometric patterns and sharp profile of the pendant worn by Lightning in Final Fantasy XIII are perfect inspiration for a sophisticated men's ring design. Dynamic arcs of white gold capture the striking thunderbolt silhouette of Lightning's signature pendant. To enhance the engagement ring's unique depth and complexity, Takayas expertly carved out the design's inner section, embellishing each curve with sparkling white sapphire and garnet accent stones. Square-cut blue topaz and citrine nestled within the outer band make an eye-catching contrast. We'd like to give a big "Thank you!" to our wonderful friend, for inviting us to craft such an amazing custom men's engagement ring. When you reveal the incredible design you created just for your beloved partner, we hope he's absolutely thunderstruck! 


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