Final Fantasy X Yuna Inspired Engagement Ring

To propose to his dearest partner, Kin, Kieron wanted an engagement ring that could capture their loving relationship. He reached out to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create a design inspired by Final Fantasy 10’s passionate heroine, the summoner Yuna, and the cresting waves dancing in a sunset background of her iconic Sending ceremony at Kilika Island! Sculpted carefully for Kieron and Kin is a rose gold band that twirls and twists like the ocean wave! Showcased in the center of their ring, their brilliant diamond center stone sparkles with the love they share for one another. Yuna’s elegant detached sleeves wrap around to form the prongs that cradle the diamond safe and secure, also evoking the image of graceful flowing waves. The delicate flowers embroidered on the loyal summoner’s skirt trail down either side of the sleek band. Lovely blue topaz and peridot accent stones reflect the unique colors of Yuna’s eyes, held in the stunning sea hibiscus-shaped charm that adorns her obi belt.

We had been waiting for the right moment to feature our colorful custom creation and some time ago Kin reached out to us to express her delight in the ring we specially crafted for them! “My partner made a custom Yuna ring from FFX from you guys and he finally popped the question to me the past Sunday and I wanted to say a huge thank you for making such a lovely ring that represents the both of us.” We were absolutely thrilled to hear Kieron’s proposal was successful and touched by the kind words Kin shared with us!

Thank you, Kieron, for inviting us to create Kin’s stunning engagement ring, and thank you, Kin, for sharing Kieron’s memorable proposal with us. Congratulations on your engagement and we wish you both a lifetime of love together! 


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