Final Fantasy VII Cloud & Aerith Inspired Engagement Ring

Illustrating the love story between Cloud and Aerith is an elegant yellow gold engagement ring commissioned by our friend Mai-Huy. Takayas Custom Jewelry is pleased to present this stunning piece that showcases a refined and timeless style that’s beautifully sophisticated! Aerith’s signature yellow lily flowers bloom among delicately sculpted leaves. Diamond accent stones add a touch of lovely sparkle to the center of each sweet lily. The garlands of leaves wrap around the polished ring’s sleek band embracing the glittering blue topaz center stone that reflects the color of Cloud’s eyes that Aerith fell in love with. A graceful split shank keeps the ring light and comfortable for daily wear. To represent Cloud’s strength and quiet personality, Takayas fashioned the inner middle shank into mirror shapes of his iconic Buster Sword. The blades curve inward to give structure to the ring, upholding the bright blue topaz and Aerith’s lilies. Cloud’s support of this stunning design represents his deep love for Aerith, and his desire to protect her. “The ring looks amazing!” Mai-Huy exclaimed when he saw the design that Takayas had created for him. He also shared with us that after showing the design to a friend for an opinion the first thing they had said was that it made them think of Aerith! Thank you, Mai-Huy, for commissioning a gorgeous piece to reflect an endearing love story! We wish you and your partner great happiness and eternal love! 


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