Final Fantasy IX Zidane & Garnet Inspired Engagement Ring


Have you ever seen your relationship reflected in a work of fiction? When you witness a sweet couple on the screen or read an engrossing romance story, the similarities between their love and the love you share with your special someone just might strike you. Our friend Jonathan came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to craft a spectacular diamond engagement ring themed after a relationship that also mirrors his own, between Zidane and Garnet of Final Fantasy IX!

Jonathan's inspiration for his amazing engagement ring comes from one of his most beloved video games. "Final Fantasy IX is the first game I have ever bought with my own money, and it is also the first game I have ever played extensively. I love the story and the characters in it." He especially enjoyed the dynamic between the thief Zidane Tribal and the Alexandrian princess Garnet - and if he ever had someone like Garnet in his own life, he knew that he would do everything for her!


"I met my girlfriend, Rachel, when we were both in high school, which would put us at about nine years together," Jonathan went on to say. "Just like many others who have experienced this, I wanted to give my future wife a ring that is solely for her, something that can represent our love and relationship." After discovering the possibilities of creating a custom engagement ring through the many video game-themed creations on our blog, Jonathan knew that working with Takayas was the only choice.

To best reflect the leading characters of Final Fantasy IX, Takayas chose to place the focus of Jonathan's engagement ring on their respective signature weapons. Zidane's Mage Masher daggers form the white gold band of his stunning piece, etched with the intricate, trailing design that emblazons the curved blades! Creating the ring's shoulders, silhouettes of Garnet's starting rod are carved with the weapon's striking geometric patterns. The graceful interplay of such distinctive design elements serve to synchronize two very differentstyles into one elegant, totally seamless piece - representing the love and unity these two wonderful couples share.

A dazzling round-cut diamond center stone crests Jonathan's engagement ring. Cleverly forming the round top of Garnet's rod, the gem makes a powerful statement as it shines above the additional diamond accent stones glittering on the ring's shoulders! For another touch of Zidane, the style of the hilt of his daggers also inspires the delicate prongs that hold Jonathan's centerpiece safe and secure.


When Jonathan finally had his incredible engagement ring in his hands, he was astounded. "It is sooooo gorgeous," he exclaimed. "It's a work of art. I'm sure that she will love this ring and I cannot thank you guys enough for all the work you have put into this project."

The praise certainly didn't stop there, however! "The experience working with Takayas was nothing short of an amazing adventure. I loved every moment of it. It was simple, easy and understandable. The results are even more amazing. Something I can never explain through words alone. Working with this team is most definitely the best decision I have made and will make this year."

Thank you, Jonathan, for giving us the opportunity to create a design that truly brought your dreams of a one-of-a-kind engagement ring to life! We wish you and Rachel endless love and happiness together - and we hope that your own beautiful relationship inspires the love of other couples, too!

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