Evangel Wings Engagement Ring

We at Takayas Custom Jewelry continue to enjoy bringing new creative visions to life. Time after time, we meet with new friends that share with us their stories of love that they wish to imbue into a special custom engagement ring. Dominique, a recently acquired friend of ours, reached out to craft a sophisticated design based on sketches he shared with us to present to his longtime partner. More than delighted to always take on a new custom project, we got to work! Based on the sketches and the favored ring styles Dominique shared with us, Takayas meticulously sculpted a beautifully refined feathered design. In which, charming platinum wings caress a lustrous blue centerpiece. Dancing elegantly as if taken by the wind is a pair of angelic plumes, shouldering brilliant diamond accent stones that arch along their graceful and artistic posture. At the center, balanced in their poised pirouette is a shimmering blue diamond! Takayas masterfully shaped Dominique’s ring so that the winged design would hold his piece close to its sterling frame. Ensuring a low, non-protruding design that will allow Dominique’s partner to continue wearing it without hindrance as she seamlessly works. “Omg it is amazing, it’s perfect. I was so nervous because I always get something wrong, but this is fantastic! Thank you and thank for me, so much!!” When we showed Dominique the renders for his design, his reaction certainly made our day! We followed up after the proposal for Dominique’s testimony and he had wonderful news and kind words to share, “We love the ring so much. So happy she said yes! The whole process was amazing. The detail of the work, the communication, everything was perfect!” She said yes!! We always love hearing about the post-custom process, especially when we receive such lovely news and pictures to accompany them! Congratulations Dominique on your engagement! Thank you for providing the opportunity for us to work on such a heavenly design. May you and your partner be blessed with an abundance of great everlasting love! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.