Ethereal Anime Inspired Alexandrite Engagement Ring

Manni envisioned an engagement ring infused with a harmonious blend of futurist and organic aesthetics. Her inspiration stemmed from the magical words of Sailor Moon, One Piece and Onmyoji as well as the artwork of her favorite illustrator, Ibuki Satsuki. In a style right up his alley, Takayas embraced the challenge of translating her sophisticated vision into reality. To begin, Takayas chose a princess-cut diamond placement alexandrite to crown Manni’s celestial creation. An apropos choice since it’s said that the edgy alexandrite symbolizes a balance between the physical and the spiritual. Inspired by Manni’s fondness for Onmyoji and One Piece, the undulating and organic design comes together over an architectural shank evoking a futurist bow image that she provided as reference material. Crafted in gleaming platinum, the sinuous design flows from one side of the band through the ethereal alexandrite to the other side referencing the asymmetry that Manni enjoys but balanced with the negative space on the sides. Sparkling diamonds sit on the shoulders as a nod to the heavenly stars. Takayas translated flowing ribbons and inky design elements from a Nico Robin One Piece figurine, the flame shapes in a Shiranui image and celestial aspects of Sailor Moon to create a design that conjures timelessness -- something organic and grounded in the natural world, but also a futuristic domain that we have yet to encounter. In the same respect, we like to think this design represents the precious union of Manni and her partner -- their past experiences together, mindfulness of their present relationship, and exciting and unknown adventure to come. In a nod to Manni’s favorite illustrator, Ibuki Satsuki, Takayas incorporated wispy wing details inspired by elements in her artwork. With an abundance of inspiration that Manni so thoughtfully provided, Takayas fused whimsy and sophistication into the ring that would commence her engagement and marriage to come.

We would like to thank Manni for going on this jewelry journey with us. May your marriage be as unique and radiant as the bespoke ring that now graces your finger. Wishing you and your partner a lifetime filled with joy, love, and the continued flow of beauty in every chapter of your lives together. 


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