Elemental Inspired Wedding Bands

The elements of water, earth, fire, and air powerfully resonate with who we are. To represent Chris and his partner, Takayas Custom Jewelry created a spectacular pair of custom wedding bands inspired by their personal elements! Boldly contrasting styles form an eye-catching complementary set, showcasing their beautiful relationship in perfect harmony.

Water and earth lend their essence to the wedding band design crafted for Chris' partner. Flowing waves on one half of the band seamlessly overlap delicate leaves on the other half, melded together by a glittering trail of aquamarine and emerald accent stones. Sinuous sculpting and artful negative space reflect profound energy and depth.

Fire and air dynamically combine in Chris' own wedding band. A black rhodium-plated band and white gold details give the design a striking contrast, like a storm illuminating the night sky. Lighting sparks across the band in brilliant arcs, blue sapphire accent stones twinkling in its midst. Plumes of flame blaze along the rim, curling around vivid rubies.

"These look amazing," Chris exclaimed when he saw Takayas' fantastic designs. "I'm at a loss for words on how much I love the fire and lightning on my ring." His partner was equally enchanted: "She absolutely adores hers and I believe hasn't taken it off since she got it!"

We'd like to say "Thank you!" to Chris and his partner, for inviting us to create an incredible pair of matching wedding bands that are at once classic and totally unique. May the mystery of water, the strength of earth, the passion of fire, and the imagination of air guide you both wherever you may go!

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