Dragon Age Seekers of Truth & Grey Warden Inspired Bridal Set

Back in 2015, we had the pleasure of designing a beautiful set of wedding jewelry inspired by the Dragon Age video game series, based upon the intricate symbolism used by the Inqusition and featured within Dalish heraldry. Although we haven't designed many Dragon Age themed pieces since, over this past year, our friend Jonathan gave us another wonderful opportunity to return to Thedas. His partner Monica is a huge fan of both our work and Dragon Age - and to Jonathan, there was no better way to surprise her than with a dazzling custom bridal set created by Takayas, inspired by her favorite video game series!

Across the many lands that make up the fantastic world of Thedas, everyone from the greatest of rulers to the most dangerously oppressed find themselves vying for control in a turbulent new era. For the designs of Monica's special rings, Takayas combined elements from the insignia of two particular factions that operate between the cracks of politics and power - the Seekers of Truth, who strive to root out corruption, and the Grey Wardens who indiscriminately serve and protect against unfathomable evil.


One would be hard-pressed to hide anything from the blazing Seeker's eye resting in the center of Monica's engagement ring, which gazes inquisitively upward through a dark, glittering pupil of London blue topaz! Flanking either side, the proud griffins of the Wardens spread their wings in 14K yellow gold, each needle-thin feather swooping against the white gold shank.


Jonathan knew that he wanted Monica's rings to fit perfectly together as a matching set. To create a nicely stackable shape, Takayas crafted the rings in a modern chevron style - and to ensure a cohesive design across both pieces, elements from the Grey Warden heraldry continue across Monica's wedding band. Below the spectacular griffins, a delicate vine in yellow gold wraps around the length of the white gold band, decorated with sparkling garnet accent stones.

When Jonathan presented Monica with the stunning rings created just for her, she was completely blown away. Although she knew about her gorgeous custom designs ahead of time, however, that wasn't the only surprise Jonathan had in store for the woman he loved!


"I proposed to her at an escape room as a call-back to one of our first dates together," Jonathan said. "I had hidden the rings in a cryptex word puzzle with my proposal written out as a letter inside. The final clue to open the box was her very own name - the name of the person who has my whole heart."

If that's a little too amazing and sweet for you to handle, we'd like to let you know that Monica is a clever sort and no stranger to puzzles - she could make a pretty good Seeker of Truth herself. She solved the cryptex before Jonathan even finished his proposal! "I got down on one knee and asked her to marry me. Through happy tears, she said YES!"


We're so thrilled to have been invited to play a part in Jonathan and Monica's incredible story as a couple. We wish you both many years of love, adventure, and happiness - and Maker watch over you as you embark on your new lives together!

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