Doctor Who Tardis Inspired Engagement Ring

When Brett reached out to Takayas to create a Doctor Who inspired engagement ring for his most special and beloved Whovian, Alicia, he knew he wanted to incorporate the iconic Tardis time machine and spacecraft along with its signature police box blue color, represented by magnificent blue sapphires.

It wasn't until Brett finally had the ring in his hands when he confessed to us that it was nerve racking to buy something so significant and personal over the internet but after reading some testimonials, he decided to take the plunge.


On the shoulder of the ring, Takayas used three accent diamonds and placed them in order to closely relate the ring's Tardis to match that of the Tardis from Dr. Who. Two accent diamonds were placed next to each other in the top two windows to represent the two windows that are lit up, and one accent diamond is placed below the top left window, to represent the sign posted below the windows from the Tardis that can be seen in the show.


Before his proposal, Brett let us know his thoughts:

"We are proper nerds, and this is just what I wanted... He really took my idea and ran with it, and the final piece is elegant and feels like it could be a comfortable daily driver for my love."

He later told us, "I really appreciate how quickly you guys worked, the professional way you adjusted to my requirements and the finished product is fantastic."

We are happy to announce that Brett's proposal to Alicia at their workplace, in front of more than a hundred guests went spectacularly. According to Alicia, "It was the most memorable moment of my life, and I am beyond amazed about the craftsmanship of the ring. Every Whovian I have encountered since then are in awe of my ring. Thank you so much for creating an amazing work of art! I will treasure it for the rest of my life!"

Congratulations to these "proper nerds" who will be Together Forever Through Time and Space!

brettandalicia.jpg ring2.jpg

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