Dota 2 Spectre Inspired Wedding Ring

As if through fate, a match in the battle arena video game Dota 2 brought Brittany and her partner together. For her special wedding ring, Brittany knew there could be no better theme than the beloved game that allowed them to meet! Takayas Custom Jewelry crafted a mesmerizing design inspired by one of her favorite Dota 2 heroes, Mercurial, the supernatural Spectre.

A unique setting fashioned in the shape of Spectre's head cradles a luminous lab-grown alexandrite center stone, reflecting her colorful and ever-changing nature. Smaller alexandrites embellish the intricately patterned rose gold band, which flows with Spectre's sleek, organic sense of movement. Her shadowy formlessness radiates through the compelling areas of negative space that lend a delicate and sophisticated essence.

"I had been interested in having Takayas design my wedding ring for several years, and even up until when I contacted you, I wasn't entirely certain what I wanted," Brittany told us. "The design Takayas came back with was at once nothing I'd ever thought of, and exactly what I was looking for with the theme. I couldn't have been more thrilled!"

Thank you, Brittany, for inviting us to bring your ideas for your custom wedding ring to such incredible life. We wish you and your partner a lifetime of love together - and plenty more exciting matches defending the Ancients!

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