Diamond & Orange Sapphire Men's-Style Women's Ring

When it comes to fine jewelry, not every woman wants to wear a flashy ring dripping with gemstones. Many prefer to adorn their fingers with designs that are more understated - and for a sleek type of look, the refined style of men's rings are a perfect place to turn for inspiration. Years ago, Jess found Takayas Custom Jewelry through social media, and just knew that Takayas had to be the one to create the beautiful ring she'd one day give to her amazing girlfriend. This year, her goal became a reality!


For Jess' special project, Takayas created a classic men's style ring, with some touches to better fit her girlfriend’s hand. As opposed to the flat shape typical to traditional men's rings, Jess' 14K white gold band has a domed silhouette. The puff-like top and rounded edges evoke a warm feeling - and the tapered shank makes it quite comfortable to slip onto her girlfriend's finger!

To add a contemporary pop of color, a diagonal row of alternating diamonds and dark orange sapphires glimmer against the high-polished band. A stylish groove catches the light as it runs parallel to the stones around the entire band, setting Jess' lovely piece even further beyond expectations.

When Jess' gorgeous custom ring finally made it to her doorstep, she was overjoyed! "I'm super stoked for my girlfriend to see it soon," she said. "Thank you and Takayas for everything! You all have been wonderful!"

Thank you, Jess, for giving us the opportunity to push the boundaries for what a woman's ring can be. We hope your girlfriend can never get enough of the incredible jewelry you thoughtfully designed just for her! Here's wishing you both a life of love and happiness - to us, that "sounds perfect."

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