Destiny: Dawnblade Warlock Inspired Wedding Band

Not too long after Tia reached out to us to craft Blood’s stunning Destiny inspired wedding band, we received another inquiry from Blood. He was set on surprising his life partner with a beautiful custom wedding band to accompany her custom engagement ring. Of course, Takayas Custom Jewelry was excited to assist! Both Blood and Tia provided us with the necessary resources to traverse the expanse world of Destiny while guiding us across the vast galaxy. They provided us with great inspiration images and videos to help us better get to know the world that they love and cherish. For Tia’s wedding band, Blood shared with us that she currently plays a Dawnblade Warlock that favors the Vigilance Wing weapon. With their obvious passion for the game, Tia’s wedding band features 7 brilliant diamond accent stones, as a nod to Bungie’s favorite number! Two blades gleam with a fearsome sharpness on either side of Tia’s sophisticated band, intense flames wrap around their honed edges as they prepare to strike down the wielder’s enemies. Takayas carefully sculpted the sleek silhouette of the Dawnblade Warlock’s sword, setting them purposefully upon the band to reflect beautiful artistic depths. Surrounding the hilt of the swords, replacing the Dawnblade Warlock’s wings, are the wing patterns taken from the Vigilance Wing. Equipped with fierce arms, Tia’s elegant wedding band matches the aesthetic of her Destiny inspired engagement! Thoughtfully crafted and full of meaning, while this band compliments Tia’s engagement ring, it can also be gracefully worn on its own. With its smooth, domed look and winged design it also perfectly matches Blood’s own daunting wedding band – a small detail we kept to ourselves to keep the sweet surprise the Guardian couple planned for one another. Following his wedding, Blood shared with us a story of his now-wife’s reaction, “Tia did not suspect another ring and was surprised when I placed it on her finger. When we left that morning, we gave both rings to our ring bearer but right before I traded out the engagement ring with the new band. So, when she received it, she was shocked. She really liked that the band has 7 accent stones Bungie's favorite number. It was an extra touch that meant a lot. She also liked the Vigilance Wings on the sides.” Congratulations, Blood and Tia, on your marriage! We’re so thankful that we were able to join you in so many intergalactic adventures. We hope to hear more of your great adventures, may the love you two share be abundant and everlasting! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.