Customize and Treat Yourself with Takayas Custom Jewelry

A single piece of jewelry can add so much character to your look – We at Takayas Custom Jewelry work with various types of metal and stones to create something special and personal for our jewelry loving friends. We have had the absolute pleasure of creating all sorts of jewelry and continue to look forward to creating more! Though people may think we typically only work on engagement and wedding rings, we are actually capable of creating so much more! With his years of experience as a jeweler and designer, Takayas has come across many jewelry lovers who wanted to have a beautiful custom piece specially made for themselves. Treating themselves to personal handcrafted jewelry these are just some of the amazing designs that capture their interests and who they are. Making anything from earrings to bracelets we’re always glad to have the honor of creating such meaningfully personal designs. Like the Final Fantasy XIV inspired custom jewelry set we created for Claudia! Final Fantasy XIV is a vast game filled with so much creativity offering a grand space for communities to grow and interact with. It has had such an impact on Claudia’s life that she wanted to have something to represent them that she could keep close and wear. For her, we not only created a bracelet but also a ring and earrings inspired by the game she holds so dearly. Her custom pieces were inspired by soul crystals and Hraesvelgr. Imbuing the spirit of what you love into a jewelry piece you can keep close wherever you go is a duty that we take absolute delight in doing! Claudia wasn’t the only one who was impacted by the diverse MMORPG and wanted jewelry inspired by it. We also crafted an intricate ring inspired by Emet-Selch, also known as Hades, for Diana! Wanting to treat herself for her 30th birthday, she inquired about creating a sophisticated custom amethyst ring inspired by the well-loved Shadowbringers antagonist. We were more than happy to deliver with an exquisite ring that showcased her passion for her to call her own. Crafting and creating is always such a pleasure, especially when we get to make a piece that truly resonates with our fellow jewelry lovers. One of such piece was the ring we crafted for Sarah. When asked to create a ring based on the concept of “strong” with no other direction, we were initially at a halt because this was a ring that was to speak great volumes. Taking time, great care, and placing a lot of thought, Takayas brainstormed an astounding design for Sarah to celebrate her new life after great hardship. Decorated with rubies is her elegantly personalized ring inspired by her love of the law and her heritage. Another project we wish to highlight is one we have yet to feature. Today we provide a small glimpse into the story of how we re-set 3 pairs of earrings for a new friend we made into new designs to match another pair she owned. Redesigning and crafting floral-themed golden settings for 3 pairs of stud earrings, one of benitoite, one of coral, and one of jade, was an exciting undertaking! It was a wonderful project of ours to create new homes for the stones she had brought in. Suffice it to say that there are many reasons to order a custom piece for yourself! Weddings and engagements aren’t the only occasions that deserve specially made handcrafted jewelry. Treat yourself to amazing jewelry made just for you crafted around what you hold dear! Let Takayas Custom Jewelry help you design a personal and perfect custom piece! Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.