Crystalline Musical Moogle Inspired Engagement Ring

Takayas Custom Jewelry crafted a beautiful rose gold engagement ring adorned with lovely sapphires for Bentley and his partner. For his now-fiancée, Bentley requested that we created a design that would be personal and dear to her inspired by all her favorite things. The incredible custom design we crafted for them features elements from wonderful iconic role-playing games that they enjoy like Final Fantasy, The Legend of Zelda, and Dungeons & Dragons! Formed by the memorable games they play together, Bentley’s custom design shines with many unique elements! Takayas focused on creating a design that is balanced and took care to ensure that each element would seamlessly blend together without overpowering one another. Bentley’s crystal-like sapphire center stone shines with a magical purple radiance at the focal point of his design as alluring blue sapphires trace the wings of a Crystalline Dragon! Lulling the magnificent creature is the Melody of the Royal Family, the opening notes of Zelda’s Lullaby dance from the strings of a Moogle’s fine harp. Takayas laid out the first half of the opening line upon one side of the ring’s shoulder and the second half on the other, the lovely tune can be read from left to right and around. Two adorable little Moogles, shy and careful as they are, hide within the under gallery of Bentley’s remarkable rose gold band. Though timid, they are intelligent and helpful creatures, prepared to assist Bentley and his fiancée in their quests whenever they may need!

Following up with Bentley, he shared kind words and some thoughts on his custom journey with us along with a lovely picture taken by his wife-to-be! “The care and communication Takayas has provided has been immaculate. From the concept of the ring to its first render was a time of excitement just being curious what Takayas would create. Upon receiving the renders, I was stunned. The detail, care, and artistry to make it come to life was beyond anything I could have imagined. When I showed my wife-to-be the renders and explained each part, she cried. It was one of the happiest moments of her life. When the ring finally arrived and I got to show it to her, we were both in awe of how beautiful it turned out. The story Takayas crafted in the ring is something that has touched every member of my family and will forever be something that tells the woman I love how much she means to me. Thank you Takayas!”

Thank you, Bentley, you and your partner have given us the opportunity to create such a magnificent design. We hope that vibrant music-filled days follow and endlessly grace your love with eternal happiness! 


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