Cowboy Bebop Inspired Wedding Band

Earlier this year, our wonderful friend Jordan came to Takayas Custom Jewelry to craft a spectacular wedding bandfor her fiancé inspired by Chrono Trigger, a theme he's always held close to his heart. Thrilled with his incredible gift and eager to return the favor, Sanger himself reached out to us not long afterward to create a wedding band that was just for Jordan as well! Today, on the day of their wedding, we're putting the spotlight on Sanger's gorgeous custom wedding band that pays homage to a story that's as legendary within the world of anime as Chrono Trigger is within the world of video games: the famous sci-fi series Cowboy Bebop.


"Jordan had given me a custom ring that spoke to one of my favorite things, so I wanted to do the same for her," Sanger explained to us about his special project. "I then thought about what her favorite things were, and one of those was easily Cowboy Bebop. She eats, breathes, lives behind the philosophies that Cowboy Bebop gave to her." After brainstorming ideas with a friend who helped him sketch out some creative ways to represent the most iconic symbols from the series, he finally developed a concept that he knew he had to bring to Takayas - a ring design inspired by Spike Spiegel's beloved remodeled MONO racer, the Swordfish II!

Reflecting the red color of Spike's signature ship, a glittering round-cut ruby crests the top of Sanger's platinum ring. Two delicately sculpted, mirror silhouettes of the Swordfish II fly away on either side to form the shoulders of the band, the tips of their wings forming the prongs that hold their precious center stone secure! For additional sparkle and a touch of stylish flair, small diamond accent stones nestle within the hollow shapes of the cockpits, like two dashing bounty hunters on their way to conquer the solar system.


When we revealed the design Takayas had created for Sanger's stunning ring, both he and Jordan were absolutely floored. "She knew I was getting her a custom ring as well, but couldn't even think about what it would be," he said. "So when she saw the design, she pretty quickly realized it was the Swordfish II and she loved it!" They rejoiced yet again when their finished piece finally made it home - completing the extraordinary wedding set that truly represented their one-of-a-kind relationship.

"I think the ring I created for Sanger spurred an accidental competition," Jordan went on to add. "He decided he had to get me a custom one as well, and naturally, he went with Takayas. I now not only have the pleasure of having been a Takayas customer, but also a Takayas receiver! Love is so unique, and to each have bands that are unique to us, that were designed with each other in mind, is an especially warm feeling."


The theme of Sanger and Jordan's wedding is "Timeless". Inspired by both one of the most enduring anime series and one of the most renowned video games ever made, we think their incredible rings are a perfect fit! As these two come together today to ring in the next adventure of their lives together, we hope their amazing wedding bands will serve as an eternal reminder of the beautiful love they share.

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