Pink and Green Color Block Halo Ring

Oval Cut Diaspore_John Keller_Edited.jpg

As Spring melts gently into Summer, we’re finding our own ways to keep its spirit close to heart. Conjuring imagery of a single sunflower poking through the slushed ground, a warmth surrounds us at the mere thought of the season. Our smiles thaw, a final shiver is given, and suddenly, we’re reborn, pollinating a nearly forgotten happiness everywhere we go. Takayas sought to embody this organic movement when creating John’s color block ring for Diana. Seasons change and flowers bloom; their leaves winding towards the ring's center stone, its sun, resting delicately on her finger.

Takayas designed the ring to orbit the natural beauty of the Diaspore center stone. John’s own, Takayas then surrounded the stone with contrasting pink halo diamonds to create an impactful, watermelon-like color block. Its 14k yellow gold band winds towards the center, eliciting a moment of pause and appreciation, like eyes magnetized to the quiet rebirth of a butterfly, finally free from its cocoon. Prism-like in composition, the colors yield only to the sun's rays, growing in beauty and strength when exposed.


Says John of the design: “We really appreciate Takayas' attention to detail and all the subtle design features that really make the ring a work of art. The ring came out better than we could have imagined. Diana and I couldn't be more pleased with the design!!! Takayas really went above and beyond.”

Spring, though the shortest of seasons, has an extraordinary impact that lies beneath the surface year round. Our bodies demand it, our minds anticipate it, yet something inside us waits, confident in its eventual return. Diana now carries that reminder with her always; a perennial bloom just waiting to be ogled.

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