Chrono Trigger Inspired Men's Wedding Band

When it comes to wedding jewelry, Takayas Custom Jewelry makes more than just women's rings. We enjoy having the opportunity to craft breathtaking pieces for men, too - and when Jordan was on the search for the perfect wedding band for her wonderful fiancé, she knew that a simple brushed-metal band would never do. Looking for a one-of-a-kind ring that was unique and compelling as it was timeless, Jordan reached out to Takayas to design an extraordinary piece based on one of the most influential and enduring video games ever made: Chrono Trigger!


For Jordan's special wedding band, Takayas took inspiration from the timepiece design of the iconic "C" that forms the Chrono Trigger logo. The grid pattern of the watch's face forms the basis of the platinum ring, neatly trimmed with a row of teardrop-shaped notches. To keep the look polished while still incorporating the key elements that define Chrono Trigger, Takayas eschewed gears in favor of placing the logo's Roman numerals along the band, with the watch's arrow hands pointing outward from either side. The resulting effect is beautifully understated and luxurious!

As for the overall silhouette of the band, Jordan wanted a piece that was sleek and refined - without anything protruding too greatly. Takayas sculpted the ring in a masculine, concave shape, with the embellishments slightly raised to add visual interest while still allowing for comfortable wear.


Even before the ring was finished, Jordan could hardly resist showing off the amazing design Takayas created to her fiancé. "I know he will love it!" she exclaimed, when we presented her with renders of her wedding band. Of course she was right - when the real piece arrived at their door and her fiancé finally got to take a peek, he was equally stunned!

"He was blown away by the quality, and how sophisticated it looks while still staying true to the inspiration," Jordan said. "We’re both so incredibly happy with the design, and my fiancé in particular was truly impressed and surprised with the piece. Working with Takayas Custom Jewelry has been fantastic."

Thank you, Jordan, for coming to us to create the spectacular custom wedding band your fiancé will cherish forever. We wish you nothing but health and happiness as you venture off on your journeys together, celebrating a love that stands the test of time!

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