Chrono Trigger Epoch Inspired Men's Wedding Band

Takayas-Custom-Jewelry-Chrono-Trigger-Epoch-Inspired-Mens-Wedding-Band Mayene and Adam are avid fans of the classic RPG Chrono Trigger. After chancing upon another Chrono Trigger inspired ring we created, Mayene knew Takayas Custom Jewelry was the one to ask to design a meaningful wedding band for her beloved partner! Adam's stunning ring showcases the game's iconic time-traveling vehicle, the Epoch or Wings of Time. Takayas-Custom-Jewelry-Chrono-Trigger-Epoch-Inspired-Mens-Wedding-Band The Epoch shines in dazzling yellow gold, creating a bold centerpiece for Adam's statement-making wedding band. Vibrant ruby, citrine, and peridot accent stones nestle within the ship's cockpit, representing Crono and his friends as they fly towards new adventures. Golden clock hands from the Chrono Trigger logo frame a backdrop of futuristic white gold gears that whirl like the insides of a clock. Takayas-Custom-Jewelry-Chrono-Trigger-Epoch-Inspired-Mens-Wedding-Band Mayene could hardly wait to propose to Adam once the extraordinary ring she created for him arrived home! "Some of our friends know, and they are so amazed and impressed by the ring," she cheered to us after the big reveal. "They love the details on Adam's ring, and the Epoch on his design is such an eye-catcher and conversation piece!" Takayas-Custom-Jewelry-Chrono-Trigger-Epoch-Inspired-Mens-Wedding-Band Stay tuned for our next post on Mayene's own incredible Chrono Trigger themed ring set, inspired by the End of Time! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.