Chrono Trigger End of Time Inspired Bridal Set

Takayas-Custom-Jewelry-Chrono-Trigger-End-Of-Time-Inspired-Bridal-Set During the creation of her partner's amazing Chrono Trigger inspired wedding band, Mayene decided that she wanted equally spectacular custom jewelry of her own. Takayas Custom Jewelry was excited to craft a matching Chrono Trigger themed bridal set! While Adam's band features the game's iconic Epoch, Mayene's rings draw from the mysterious realm of the End of Time, where the Epoch rests between adventures. Takayas-Custom-Jewelry-Chrono-Trigger-End-Of-Time-Inspired-Bridal-Set Mayene's yellow gold engagement ring delights with a wonderfully sleek, refined style. Her sparkling princess-cut diamond center stone glows like the welcoming lantern at the End of Time. Graceful white gold filigree, inspired by the area's elegant gates, arc and twirl around the diamond's gentle light. Takayas-Custom-Jewelry-Chrono-Trigger-End-Of-Time-Inspired-Bridal-Set Slim and dainty chevron bands embrace either side of the engagement ring, forming a gorgeous set that's comfortable to wear in any combination. The top band holds an alexandrite accent stone that reflects the changing nature of Spekkio, the End of Time's magical "Master of War". Nine glittering blue topaz accent stones on the bottom band represent the nine bright blue portals that teleport Crono and his friends through time. Takayas-Custom-Jewelry-Chrono-Trigger-End-Of-Time-Inspired-Bridal-Set "The rings are gorgeous and even lovelier in person!" Mayene exclaimed after she sweetly proposed to Adam. "I am in love with how Takayas' designs turned out. Seeing the rings in person now makes me believe all the right decisions were made." Thank you, Mayene and Adam, for giving us the opportunity to design incredible custom rings that celebrate your relationship. Wherever your travels may take you, we wish you a love that lasts for all of time! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.