Chrono Cross Frozen Flame Inspired Wedding Ring

Last week, we shared our friend Trini’s spectacular Chrono Cross inspired wedding ring, based on the legendary Dragon Tear. Takayas Custom Jewelry also created a special Chrono Cross themed band for her beloved partner Abraham!

Abraham’s wedding ring is inspired by the mysterious Frozen Flame, a part of the alien entity Lavos that resonates with magical power. The unique design blends into elements of Serge’s swashbuckling companion, the young thief Kid.


Overlapping plates of the Frozen Flame’s shell structure the ring’s white gold shank. For comfortable wear, Takayas kept the inside of the band smooth, sleek, and luxurious to the touch.

The angular plates culminate in a stunning open centerpiece, framed by Kid’s curved daggers. The swooping hilts also call to mind the unfurling tendrils of the Frozen Flame, reaching out to impart its fiery magic. Two glimmering rubies between the engraved blades represent the creature’s peering eyes.


Both Abraham and Trini were blown away when their amazing treasures arrived in their hands! “You'll always have a place in our lives, since you made part of our marriage in this big symbolic way,” they said. “THANK YOU!”

We’re so grateful to Trini and Abraham for giving us the opportunity to create an incredibly meaningful pair of custom wedding rings. We hope their love will last for all of time, making every wish come true!

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