Chrono Cross Dragon Tear Inspired Wedding Ring

Trini and Abraham wanted a unique pair of wedding rings inspired by their favorite video game, the cult-classic Chrono Cross. They love the striking designs of two powerful relics from the game, the mythical Dragon Tear and the Frozen Flame – and they also see themselves in the love story between the protagonists Serge and Kid. Leave it to Takayas Custom Jewelry to create an incredible set of rings that this couple will cherish through all of time!

Trini’s own wedding ring is themed after the Dragon Tear, a sacred treasure with the power to unlock the titular Chrono Cross that crosses space and time. The elemental motif is also reflected in patterns inspired by the main hero Serge.


The legendary Dragon Tear is reconstructed by Serge during the events of Chrono Cross, using two mystical shards. These shards are represented by bright blue sapphires on each shoulder of Trini’s elegant ring! Takayas wrapped the stones in hand-sculpted settings inspired by the casing of the original relic, flowing down the white gold band. A larger blue sapphire held in a sleek bezel setting in the center represents the full Dragon Tear.


Carved triangular patterns on the sides of the band echo the design of Serge’s signature bandana. The contrasting geometric and organic shapes of Trini’s rings meld seamlessly together into a one-of-a-kind wedding ring.

Trini absolutely loved her amazing custom design. “The two halves of the Dragon Tear are beautifully represented in a very clever and artistic way!” she exclaimed. “The ring almost tells a story.”


Stay tuned for our next post on this couple’s amazing set of jewelry, featuring Abraham’s ring inspired by Kid and the Frozen Flame!

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