Cherry Blossom Dream Inspired Engagement Ring

Our friend and her fiancé wanted to create a custom engagement ring that blended charming nature themes with a unique fantasy style. Graceful, dreamy, and one-of-a-kind? There's no one better to ask than Takayas Custom Jewelry!

Takayas based our friend's special design around a gorgeous spring scene. Crafted in bright platinum, a sinuous twirling split-shank culminates in elegant tapering leaves. Lovely cherry blossoms flourish above, embellished with glittering blush-pink sapphires that illuminate their delicate color. Shining at the very top, a radiant moissanite centerpiece truly stands out.

To lift our friend's engagement ring even more above the ordinary, Takayas seamlessly melded in stunning ethereal elements. A pair of magnificent angel wings swoops around either side of the band, embracing the center moissanite. Their intricate, finely feathered details imbue the design with an irresistible magic.

All of our friend's dreams came true when she saw her spectacular custom ring. "Takayas was an absolute design genius!" she cheered. "It's honestly hard to describe how beautiful and delicate it looks in real life. I am so glad my fiancé chose Takayas to design my ring. I don't think any other ring could've made me as happy!"

Thank you so much to our friend for inviting us to craft the amazing custom engagement ring you've always wished for. As you and your fiancé begin this new chapter in your lives together, we hope every day will be like a dream!

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