Cherry Blossom Butterfly Inspired Engagement Ring

Alex and Cindy sought an engagement ring that was elegant and timeless—but also unique to the sweet story of their relationship. There's no one better to ask than Takayas Custom Jewelry! A traditional tapered band showcases special cherry blossom and butterfly details in this couple's eye-catching design. Gorgeous crescent moon-shaped prongs cradle Alex and Cindy's classic diamond centerpiece. To one side of the diamond, delicate cherry blossom petals unfurl from a blue topaz accent stone. A graceful blue topaz-studded butterfly flutters its wings on the other side. To imbue the ring with an organic sense of movement, Takayas placed these artistically sculpted figures at slight angles on the band—as if they may spring right into life the moment you glance away. Rows of diamonds set flush within the band highlight the ring's sophisticated shine. For an extra touch of lovely sparkle, a river of stars flows across the open space within the undergallery that supports Alex and Cindy's meaningful center diamond. A few months after we sent their stunning ring home to Alex, Cindy excitedly followed up with us. "Alex proposed this past weekend and I'm still over the moon about it," she said. "Still feels like a dream. Everything was perfect; from the scenery, to the surprise, to the ring. I LOVED IT ALL!" Thank you, Alex and Cindy, for inviting us to craft your extraordinary custom engagement ring. We wish you a lifetime of love and joy together! Are you ready to begin your custom journey? Visit our Options page to begin crafting, or visit our Inquire page to get in touch with Takayas.